Summer Glow EveryDay

I need that glow of confidence and i have found a way to get it

Yes!Yes! I sure do😊😊

  • Do you suffer from oily skin?
  • Are you suffering from dark spots?
  • Do you want to get that silk smooth feeling on your face EVERYDAY? 

If you have answered yes to one of those questions then this post and products are just a thing for you. I have tried them, and they might work for you too. I have an oily skin and suffer from dark spots too, been trying different products however what i have today is trully workig for me.

First Product: Nivea Perfect and Radiant 3 in 1.

OMG what i love about this product is that it can be used in 3 different ways. A face wash, Scrub and a Mask. It is cost friendly too. You can use this product as ypu wish in THREE DIFFERENT WAYS…just love

I use it mostly as a face wash twice a day, that is in the morning and evening too. Once in the evening every friday i use it as a scrub. This helps me to prevent the cause of dark marks and get rid of dead skin. As a bonus this product does not leave my skin dry at ALL.

After my face wash, i got myself the Garnier Even And Matter (toner).

This product smells good…like a is a bit thick and yellowish. Using it is so easy, you just pour some to your cotton wool and massage your face in circular movements. It is a hydrating agent which works very well with the Nivea Perfect & Radiant 3 in 1 . They are both kind to the skin.  I use the toner after every wash..which is twice a day.

Try them out and expect results in just 3 days..remember to moisturise everytime after this routine.

Get this products at your nearest Clicks stores and some supermarkets too..

Make sure to try this miracle worers…GET THAT SUMMER GLOW EVERYDAY!!!

let me know how it worked for you Fam!!!…

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