SiX ways on how to stick to your budget

Well…December its approaching and it is not late for you to still change your finances. You can SIMPLY do that by….Wait for it BUDGETING…yes budgeting (not so simple i did it ,still doing it and it works). There is power in that word. It has your financial freedom. We mostly misuse our money and try to blame something or someone, e.g. If i was earning a high income i would do so many things, reality check you are earning what you are earning now. You need to make it work with your current income and budgeting is the way to do it.

Budgeting is not i mentioned above. It needs you to make it your hobby.

Shop till you drop


  1. Draw a budget of your needs and make sure all your needs are covered. ( electricity bills, groceries, any bills that needs to be paid).
  2. Involve your family when drawing a budget.( they will remind you pf other needs and it helps for them to be aware of the expenditure too).
  3. Cut down on unecessary things such as eating out often and going out a lot in a month.
  4. Downgrade your banking package!!!!( have you seen the charges lately? It helps to know your charges and benefits too. In a bank you also want to save rather than being charged on every move you make with YOUR money..)
  5. Reduce costly redrawals ( know your bank charges wisely and be smart in taking advantage of free redrawals and such. Avoid buying airtime or any prepaid service via cellphone banking when you can walk to the shop..CHARGES!!!!Get your bank statement and start looking what can be changed).
  6. Go for specials( look out for sales..even when buying groceries. REMEMBER EVERY CENT COUNTS…

SAVE!!SAVE!!..AND SAVE!! as much as possible and you will have more money to use for those family gathering and trips..and more shopping for you.


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