hello fam!!

I just wanted to share something that i have been observing and experiencing when it comes to friendship. I am a shy person and when i get close to a person i REALLY get close, you know share some few things..and give my support when needed. I really become that good friend.

I thought about this as i had an accident and recieved support from friends that im close to and others not so close to. I expected this one friend to be there for me unlike the rest and it did not happen (heartattack i tell you omg)

The problem becomes when YOU expect the same treatment from them. Friends are a family that we choose, however what we get back from them is not in our control. We are all not perfect, we have our flaws.

There are friends that you will feel their presence in your life no matter how far they might be or how less you communicate with them. It’s like everytime you see or talk to them the bond just continues to grow. (the time savers)

AND there are friends that thinks of you because of what you give to them that can be your time, support in any-way. The time things are going fine in their lives its either they are too busy to be found. (The parasites)

The are so may types of friends, you just have to know yourself as to what type of a friend you want to be. And be content with that, do not EXPECT what you give back, give it out with love. Expectations will demolish you as a person to be yourself. The friends we have, are from different backgrounds and understand the world differently.

Love yourself enough and be a good friend at all times without expecting anything back. If the same treatment comes back,then consider yourself blessed.

The only way to have a friend is to be one!!

so what shade of a friend are you?

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