Have you ever went out shopping for make-up and looking for the right shade  to give you that natural NUDE look….??

Well i did,and it is hard. I wanted a lipstic that will give me just that look! , of being natural. My skin is dark and it has different shades on my face, that adds to the fustration. So through this experience i have realised that “Nude” at times cannot be nude for you.

Here is how i ended up with my MAC:MATTE WHIRL which i love. It is just perfect for me.


1. Make sure that you try your make-up on ALWAYS!!

2. Have your other make-up done eg: if you buying a lipstic, wear your other make-up to see if it finishes the look you are looking for.

3. Always go for quality brands, to avoid damaging your skin.

4. Do not buy just it because it is called Nude, or it looks good on your..well because it might not be for your skin colour.

I hope this will help you out when you go shopping.

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