Not My Choice

Hello reader…pleasure to share my thoughts with you. Have you realised how we always say: “Only if i have made the right choice”. Since i work with people it is of my observations that as individuals we forget the power that is within us. I am not getting spiritual here (laughing😊).I am simlpe talking about the power we have,in making choices in our everyday’s life.

We were always told that “the power is in one’s hands” as i grow up, it is a testimony that i have seen this saying to be true.Your choices will get you where you want to be. As a young person you have a choice of choosing the right crowd of friends, The choice to say no into abusing substances,the choice whether to date or not( you get my point). Each and everyday when you wake up you have a choice.

You do not have a choice on the family that you are born in,the living standards of your family. However you have a choice to break it or to let it define you.So many young individuals are making the greatest choices. Being the coolest on the block does not mean agreeing to everything that IS NOT YOUR CHOICE.As a young person it is core to know your goals and to be aware that reaching those goals means each and everyday you have to take a step,make choice in order to be closer to that goal.

Marcia Mkhatshwa
Define yourself as you know yourself better”

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