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The week of the 20th of November to the 22 of November 2017 those days were priceless­čśŐ

I have made friends amd mostly as a model, i lived to that experience. Since i always wanted to be in the fashion industry, i knew that i have to learn how to do make-up..

Ooh boy i had to learn the hard way and finally i started to follow some youtube channels that teaches about how to do your own make up. BEING part of the finalist for the MudMaven2018 was a dream. I have learnt a lot about the industry and the MuD make-up. I saw the importance of knowing “a” make up brand and understanding its texture, it is very core. Since as the muvens we had the opportunity to use the products, i must say it was impressing to see the final results. Furthermore at the MuDMavens competition we all came in different skin shades. Guess what we all had that perfect shade that suited our skin colour. One learnt tips of how make up can appear different because of the tools you used.


So ladies:

  1. Invest in buying the right brushes.
  2. Understand your skin whether it is dry or oily.
  3. Get to know the products better
  4. Find you right shade for a foundation
  5. Learn and follow the tips given by the brand that you are using ( to see how one product can be used in different ways…)with MUD a lipliner can do wonders to your lips..


Make up being done by Maggie from MuD at Sandton Studio

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