Is it a GOAL or a MISS

It is a youth month…its June 2017..that means we almost done with the first half of the year!! This can sound good to others but not all of us. As a young person i believe we are all striving to make a change in our lives  for the better. Most lf us we set goals of things we wish to do in that certain year, whether you “in SCHOOL, VARSITY or WORKING etc”we have goals.


“If i may ask you, How close are you in reaching your goals? Are you still on track?  I believe most have even strayed away from what they have planned initially.

As a young person sometimes we feel pressure that is unnecessary from friends and family. Eg: look exibit A is doing a business, why are you not doing such as well?

The answer is: we different!!

I am here to remind you that the life you have is yours. It is like a book and you are the only author  and director of how the story goes. When you are setting goals..

  1. It must be something you really want/need.
  2. You must evaluate your goal(s) frequently to see if you are still on track.
  3. Your goal(s)must have a certain time frame (so to help evaluate)
  4. Aim at things that are realistic, i mean if you are not working you can not have a goal to build a house or buy a car..right?
  5. Be ready to be self disciplined. Making changes financially or planning your te effectively is core in reach
  6. ing goals
  7. Remind yourself what you want/need..which is your goal..


At the end of the day it is all up you at how bad you want to reach your goal..Everything is possible…

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