Is it a GOAL or a MISS

It is a youth month…its June 2017..that means we almost done with the first half of the year!! This can sound good to others but not all of us. As a young person i believe we are all striving to make a change in our lives  for the better. Most lf us we set goals of things we wish to do in that certain year, whether you “in SCHOOL, VARSITY or WORKING etc”we have goals.


“If i may ask you, How close are you in reaching your goals? Are you still on track?  I believe most have even strayed away from what they have planned initially.

As a young person sometimes we feel pressure that is unnecessary from friends and family. Eg: look exibit A is doing a business, why are you not doing such as well?

The answer is: we different!!

I am here to remind you that the life you have is yours. It is like a book and you are the only author  and director of how the story goes. When you are setting goals..

  1. It must be something you really want/need.
  2. You must evaluate your goal(s) frequently to see if you are still on track.
  3. Your goal(s)must have a certain time frame (so to help evaluate)
  4. Aim at things that are realistic, i mean if you are not working you can not have a goal to build a house or buy a car..right?
  5. Be ready to be self disciplined. Making changes financially or planning your te effectively is core in reach
  6. ing goals
  7. Remind yourself what you want/need..which is your goal..


At the end of the day it is all up you at how bad you want to reach your goal..Everything is possible…

The greatest Hello

Hello my friends🤗🤗


So this is my first blog..looking forward to interact with you. As i write this, my mind is racing me back to when i was still a teenager. Do you remember when you still had those dreams of how you would promote world peace and do better than  your parents and such.

I would say that my greatest “hello” of the real world came after matric. It was an eye opener that nothing comes easy in life. One has to be ready to fall and get up again. At the end of the day it is not about how much you make or how you dress but the reality is;it is about what makes you happy!!

Life its about learning…so keep learning and keep trying….

Not My Choice

Hello reader…pleasure to share my thoughts with you. Have you realised how we always say: “Only if i have made the right choice”. Since i work with people it is of my observations that as individuals we forget the power that is within us. I am not getting spiritual here (laughing😊).I am simlpe talking about the power we have,in making choices in our everyday’s life.

We were always told that “the power is in one’s hands” as i grow up, it is a testimony that i have seen this saying to be true.Your choices will get you where you want to be. As a young person you have a choice of choosing the right crowd of friends, The choice to say no into abusing substances,the choice whether to date or not( you get my point). Each and everyday when you wake up you have a choice.

You do not have a choice on the family that you are born in,the living standards of your family. However you have a choice to break it or to let it define you.So many young individuals are making the greatest choices. Being the coolest on the block does not mean agreeing to everything that IS NOT YOUR CHOICE.As a young person it is core to know your goals and to be aware that reaching those goals means each and everyday you have to take a step,make choice in order to be closer to that goal.

Marcia Mkhatshwa
Define yourself as you know yourself better”

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hello fam!!

I just wanted to share something that i have been observing and experiencing when it comes to friendship. I am a shy person and when i get close to a person i REALLY get close, you know share some few things..and give my support when needed. I really become that good friend.

I thought about this as i had an accident and recieved support from friends that im close to and others not so close to. I expected this one friend to be there for me unlike the rest and it did not happen (heartattack i tell you omg)

The problem becomes when YOU expect the same treatment from them. Friends are a family that we choose, however what we get back from them is not in our control. We are all not perfect, we have our flaws.

There are friends that you will feel their presence in your life no matter how far they might be or how less you communicate with them. It’s like everytime you see or talk to them the bond just continues to grow. (the time savers)

AND there are friends that thinks of you because of what you give to them that can be your time, support in any-way. The time things are going fine in their lives its either they are too busy to be found. (The parasites)

The are so may types of friends, you just have to know yourself as to what type of a friend you want to be. And be content with that, do not EXPECT what you give back, give it out with love. Expectations will demolish you as a person to be yourself. The friends we have, are from different backgrounds and understand the world differently.

Love yourself enough and be a good friend at all times without expecting anything back. If the same treatment comes back,then consider yourself blessed.

The only way to have a friend is to be one!!

so what shade of a friend are you?

Summer Glow EveryDay

I need that glow of confidence and i have found a way to get it

Yes!Yes! I sure do😊😊

  • Do you suffer from oily skin?
  • Are you suffering from dark spots?
  • Do you want to get that silk smooth feeling on your face EVERYDAY? 

If you have answered yes to one of those questions then this post and products are just a thing for you. I have tried them, and they might work for you too. I have an oily skin and suffer from dark spots too, been trying different products however what i have today is trully workig for me.

First Product: Nivea Perfect and Radiant 3 in 1.

OMG what i love about this product is that it can be used in 3 different ways. A face wash, Scrub and a Mask. It is cost friendly too. You can use this product as ypu wish in THREE DIFFERENT WAYS…just love

I use it mostly as a face wash twice a day, that is in the morning and evening too. Once in the evening every friday i use it as a scrub. This helps me to prevent the cause of dark marks and get rid of dead skin. As a bonus this product does not leave my skin dry at ALL.

After my face wash, i got myself the Garnier Even And Matter (toner).

This product smells good…like a is a bit thick and yellowish. Using it is so easy, you just pour some to your cotton wool and massage your face in circular movements. It is a hydrating agent which works very well with the Nivea Perfect & Radiant 3 in 1 . They are both kind to the skin.  I use the toner after every wash..which is twice a day.

Try them out and expect results in just 3 days..remember to moisturise everytime after this routine.

Get this products at your nearest Clicks stores and some supermarkets too..

Make sure to try this miracle worers…GET THAT SUMMER GLOW EVERYDAY!!!

let me know how it worked for you Fam!!!…

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SiX ways on how to stick to your budget

Well…December its approaching and it is not late for you to still change your finances. You can SIMPLY do that by….Wait for it BUDGETING…yes budgeting (not so simple i did it ,still doing it and it works). There is power in that word. It has your financial freedom. We mostly misuse our money and try to blame something or someone, e.g. If i was earning a high income i would do so many things, reality check you are earning what you are earning now. You need to make it work with your current income and budgeting is the way to do it.

Budgeting is not i mentioned above. It needs you to make it your hobby.

Shop till you drop


  1. Draw a budget of your needs and make sure all your needs are covered. ( electricity bills, groceries, any bills that needs to be paid).
  2. Involve your family when drawing a budget.( they will remind you pf other needs and it helps for them to be aware of the expenditure too).
  3. Cut down on unecessary things such as eating out often and going out a lot in a month.
  4. Downgrade your banking package!!!!( have you seen the charges lately? It helps to know your charges and benefits too. In a bank you also want to save rather than being charged on every move you make with YOUR money..)
  5. Reduce costly redrawals ( know your bank charges wisely and be smart in taking advantage of free redrawals and such. Avoid buying airtime or any prepaid service via cellphone banking when you can walk to the shop..CHARGES!!!!Get your bank statement and start looking what can be changed).
  6. Go for specials( look out for sales..even when buying groceries. REMEMBER EVERY CENT COUNTS…

SAVE!!SAVE!!..AND SAVE!! as much as possible and you will have more money to use for those family gathering and trips..and more shopping for you.


Hope this helped you..kindly Register and be part of the fam!!

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Have you ever went out shopping for make-up and looking for the right shade  to give you that natural NUDE look….??

Well i did,and it is hard. I wanted a lipstic that will give me just that look! , of being natural. My skin is dark and it has different shades on my face, that adds to the fustration. So through this experience i have realised that “Nude” at times cannot be nude for you.

Here is how i ended up with my MAC:MATTE WHIRL which i love. It is just perfect for me.


1. Make sure that you try your make-up on ALWAYS!!

2. Have your other make-up done eg: if you buying a lipstic, wear your other make-up to see if it finishes the look you are looking for.

3. Always go for quality brands, to avoid damaging your skin.

4. Do not buy just it because it is called Nude, or it looks good on your..well because it might not be for your skin colour.

I hope this will help you out when you go shopping.

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MUA: MUD products

The week of the 20th of November to the 22 of November 2017 those days were priceless😊

I have made friends amd mostly as a model, i lived to that experience. Since i always wanted to be in the fashion industry, i knew that i have to learn how to do make-up..

Ooh boy i had to learn the hard way and finally i started to follow some youtube channels that teaches about how to do your own make up. BEING part of the finalist for the MudMaven2018 was a dream. I have learnt a lot about the industry and the MuD make-up. I saw the importance of knowing “a” make up brand and understanding its texture, it is very core. Since as the muvens we had the opportunity to use the products, i must say it was impressing to see the final results. Furthermore at the MuDMavens competition we all came in different skin shades. Guess what we all had that perfect shade that suited our skin colour. One learnt tips of how make up can appear different because of the tools you used.


So ladies:

  1. Invest in buying the right brushes.
  2. Understand your skin whether it is dry or oily.
  3. Get to know the products better
  4. Find you right shade for a foundation
  5. Learn and follow the tips given by the brand that you are using ( to see how one product can be used in different ways…)with MUD a lipliner can do wonders to your lips..


Make up being done by Maggie from MuD at Sandton Studio